When to Buy Poly Bag Travel Bags

It’s not just about the bags.

Here are some tips for packing everything into your bag when you travel.


Always have a back-up plan for emergencies: If your trip is cancelled, you’re not going to want to get stuck in the airport without a backup plan.


Don’t be afraid to throw a few things in your bag, even if you don’t need them.


Make sure you’re packing a little more for your luggage than you normally do. 4.

Be sure to pack a backup bag if you get stuck.

The TSA can only check your bags, so you don,t want to take a bag that you have no idea what it holds or if it can hold more than you think it can.


Consider storing the bags at home, rather than in a designated hotel room.

This will prevent them from getting dirty or lost.


If you have a pet, pack it separately from your gear, because they may get tangled in your bags.


Use a small travel bag, if you can.

It’s much easier to get your gear and luggage into the airport than packing a large suitcase, and you don to worry about the size of the bag being an issue.


Consider packing a laptop and phone in the same bag.

If it’s a big enough bag, you don`t want it to spill.


Pack a pair of socks, if necessary, if it makes you feel more comfortable.


Pack something for every situation.

You should always be able to get everything you need for a single trip, even when you don.t have any emergency plans.

1/3 of the people who have checked out of airports say they don’t use their bags for a trip.

What should you do if you have an emergency?

The TSA has put together a helpful guide to making sure your bag is secure, so check it out if you need help.

1-800-TSA (800-424-7888).

2-866-527-5433 (TTY) or 1-888-TASER (1-888/424-7637).

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