How to Make Your Life Worth More Than the Biggest Bag Ever

When Wendy’s announced its $20,000 “Biggie” bag in July, many people immediately took notice.

But while Biggie might be a new name for the popular candy company, the bag itself was a biggie that made Wendy’s seem a bit like a corporate juggernaut.

The bag features a removable bag that is a bit wider than a standard bag and is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, including a bag of food and water.

Wendy’s has a long history of creating and promoting products with unique designs and materials, and its “Bigger and Better” bag has been a huge hit.

The “Biggies” are a big hit at Wendy’s, which now sells $50-million worth of the bags.

Wendy says its bag, which has a capacity of 1,200 pounds, was designed to help customers who might not be able to pack a whole bag of groceries into their car, so they can carry a small meal on their way home from work.

“We’ve seen it all from the very beginning, but now we have a bag that has the capability to carry food, a small lunch and water for a few days and then a full bag to keep you going,” Wendy’s senior vice president of global marketing and communications, Scott Stump, told Business Insider in a statement.

The bag can hold up to two people.

The Biggies are made with durable material that won’t scratch or dent, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the bags, which have a soft interior to protect them from the elements.

The bags also have a zipper for easy access, and they come in two sizes, one for women and one for men.

“The Bigger and better is a great way to go for the grocery shopping season, as it has proven to be a popular and popular item,” Stump said.

“It’s the perfect bag to go with all of your other food items, or for a quick lunch break.”

It may not be the cheapest, but Wendy’s says the Biggie bag is worth the money.

The company is currently selling $50 million worth of “BigGies” to help with its grocery sales, which could mean the company is now selling more than its “regular” BigGies.

Stump said the bag’s design is also something that has helped the company stand out.

“It’s one of those products that has so many things that make it unique, it makes it special and it’s a great product for our customers,” he said.

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