Fendi bag is getting the fiesta treatment from Balenciagas bag designer

Fendi is giving back to its customers with a new bag that looks like it came straight out of a fiesta party.

The new Balencil bag, a collaboration between the designer and Balenciaaga, is out now and comes with a fuchsia floral print and a soft pink suede.

The Balencciaaga bag features a floral print, white suede, and the signature “Balenciagos” tag on the back.

The bag is currently on sale for $250 and will be available for $279 at fendi.com.

The fuchsias bag is made with a combination of leather and nylon and features an extra-large back pocket that features an inner pocket for a wallet.

There’s also a Velcro closure on the front, along with an inner zippered pouch.

The fuchsis bag is available in three colors: red, black, and pink.

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