Gatorade Golf Bag Is $150.00, Not $99.99

The best way to spend $99 is to go with the cheapest of all possible options.

The Gatoradio Golf Bag from Versace is one of the best bargain-bin golf bags around, and it can be yours for less than $150, according to the online retailer.

The $159.99 bag, which is also available in black and white, is an excellent value.

But it’s not the cheapest option on the market, either.

Versace’s $99 Golf Bag includes an adjustable-length, padded collar, and a zipper pocket.

The downside?

Versace doesn’t include a built-in belt clip or backstraps.

You can buy a backstrap with a loop to get around the bag, but it’s hard to get a bag with a backstrapping system that looks like this.

That’s not to say the Versace bag isn’t great; it is.

It’s simply not the best option.

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