How to save $20 on a $200+ sleeping bag at Walmart

Posted by Business Insider on Thursday, December 18, 2019 11:04:38Walmart’s Crossbody Bag is a great sleeper bag that’s easy to fit into your luggage.

You can get a great price on the Crossbody and have more than enough room to pack everything you need for a trip, like meals, clothing, and books.

However, if you’re looking to get an additional sleeping bag, then you’ll want to look for something that has more pockets and a little more leg room.

We like the sleeping bag from Ikea because it’s spacious enough to sleep on your stomach, but it has plenty of room to stretch out with your legs.

We tested the Cross Body Bag on a couple of different nights and decided to use it for two nights in two different bags, so we were able to test the bags both on their own and in pairs.

Check out our comparison below. 

Here’s how to decide if the CrossBody Bag is the best for you.

If you need a more spacious sleeping bag than the Cross body, this is a good option. 

We tested both sleeping bags on a variety of nights to determine how the sleeping bags would hold up in the long run.

The Cross Body was the clear winner.

Its large enough to fit comfortably in your backpack, and the pockets are small enough to carry everything you’ll need.

The zipper at the bottom is easy to open and close and you get a large amount of zippers that fit nicely in your bag.

The top of the bag is nice and wide enough to keep your luggage from getting snagged on anything.

The shoulder strap is wide enough for most people and has enough zippers for you to get a good seal on the zipper. 

The Cross Body has a very generous amount of shoulder straps and they don’t seem to be overly bulky or heavy. 

On our first night with the Cross, we used it for three nights in a pair, sleeping in one of the sleeping mats on the floor and in a small bag.

We slept on the top of this bag, with the top portion tucked up in our arms.

The bottom of the Sleeping Bag slept on top of our sleeping mat and the top layer of padding was a little wider than the sleeping mat, so it didn’t block our views of the outside world. 

After a couple nights in the Cross and sleeping in the sleeping pad, we tried the Sleeping Pad and found it to be too big and uncomfortable.

It was too big to fit the extra space in our sleeping bag and the padding was just too small for our needs.

So, we decided to go with the Sleeping Backpack and we loved it. 

It had enough room for us to stretch a little in the middle and stretch our legs, and it had plenty of zippered pockets for us all to store our books, bags, and other belongings. 

Finally, if we were going to buy a new sleeping bag in the future, the Crossbodies Crossbody is definitely a great option.

It’s not a sleeping bag you can just throw in your suitcase and go.

It has plenty room to fit everything you want in it, and you can stretch it out to fit more people.

If we were to upgrade from the Cross bodies Crossbody to the Cross Bodies Cross Body, we’d still be able to stretch it up and out of the way and put more space between us and the sleeping area. 

How much do you think the CrossBodies CrossBody is worth?

Let us know in the comments.

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