How to buy a medical bag with the new CHANEL flap bag

The CHANel flap-bag medical bag is designed to help you stay healthy in the event of an emergency.

The bag is equipped with a medical pad that contains a cotton bud, bandage, and bandages, which can be clipped onto the bag and worn as an emergency medical aid.

The CHANels flap-bags medical bag can be bought at Walmart, Target, and Lowe’s stores.

It will retail for $139.99.

You can also buy the CHANell flap-bag medical bag at the Best Buy store.

The chanels flap bag medical bag was designed to be a good first aid item, according to the manufacturer.

The chanells flap-back medical bag, designed by the company, has a wider bandage covering a smaller area, which is designed for medical emergencies.

The flap-backs medical bag has a larger bandage.

The company says the chanell flap bag is a “medical emergency” medical aid item and that you should “always use it if you’re at risk of death or serious injury.”

“With a flap- bag, the chanzels flap, and the medical pad, you can use it during an emergency to quickly and easily save a life,” the company said in a statement.

“It’s designed to minimize the risk of injury and can also be used to save lives during times of medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest or an allergic reaction,” the statement continued.

The company says that if you are allergic to the bandages in the channels flap medical bag and you do not have the money for a medical kit, the manufacturer recommends using a bandage to keep the bag clean and dry and to help with swelling and irritation.

“In addition, the flap- back medical bag will prevent infection from the bandage as the chancers are cut to remove the infection,” the manufacturer said.

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