NFL’s diaper bag craze turns into a full-on craze

NFL teams have been adding diaper bags to their uniforms in recent years, but now they are selling them for $300 and more.

That’s a lot of diapers.

The diapers are sold in specialty grocery stores and are a major source of revenue for the league, which owns two dozen stores in the United States.

For some players, the diaper bags are a huge hit, with many using them as their primary source of comfort and a way to avoid snacking during the season.

But the diapers are becoming more popular among athletes who need to carry them during the off-season.

“I love that I can wear these in the game,” Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz said.

“I think they’re great for the team.

I love them as a souvenir.

They’re great.

I think the fans love them, too.”

The first time I wore one of the diaperbags was on my birthday, when I was about five years old, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is a lot more fun than I thought it would be,'” Wentz told ABC News.

I’ve been in diapers for a long time, but this is the first time, and that’s crazy, because I didn’t think I’d be able to use them.

The first time they were on my mom’s knee was the very first time.

So that’s why I love that diaper bag so much, because it’s my baby diaper bag.

The diaper bag is a big part of the appeal of the diapers, but they also have a very personal quality to them.”

When I’m in the locker room and I see my teammates, I see them, they’re wearing the diaper bag,” Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said.”

They’re holding it up, they look like they’re about to give it a quick shake.

I can just see them and it makes me feel so special.

“The popularity of the NFL’s off-the-field use of diapers and diaper bags has reached such a level that teams have started taking them off the sideline during games to encourage fans to use their favorite products.

Players have also started asking fans for their diapers.

The Chicago Bears have started selling pre-packaged diapers at their games and on social media.

In some cases, the players have even made their own.

Packers defensive end Julius Peppers, who has had two knee surgeries, has been using a pre-cut diaper bag that he made himself to use during the NFL season.

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