How to get a cheap, waterproof, waterproof bean bag – and it can fit your body

The ultimate waterproof beanbag is not just a great way to protect yourself from rain, but also from the elements.

This bag, called the Snorlact, is waterproof, and is perfect for those times when you need to get up and go and not want to lug around a heavy bag.

It’s got some great features, too, like its lightweight design and a zippered pouch to keep the essentials safe.

Find out more about waterproofing the world’s most famous beanbag.

1 / 10 A waterproof beanie is made from waterproof material, like a fleece.

Read more: waterproof bag 1 / 9 The Snorlat bag has a waterproof design and zippable pouch.

Read less: waterproof bean jacket, waterproof hat, waterproof pants 1 / 8 A waterproof backpack with an attached pocket and a shoulder strap.

Read a more detailed review.

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