Gucci Crossbody Bag Is Back for the 21st Century

Gucci’s Crossbody bag is back for the new millennium with an updated look that features more features and a new design, as seen in the video above.

The new Crossbody collection is comprised of four pieces: a slim bag, a slim backpack, a lightweight bag, and a lightweight backpack.

The slim bag features an open design with two zipper pockets, and has an adjustable hood, with a padded handle for the front of the bag.

The lightweight backpack is available in three different sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

The lighter backpack has a larger handle and an adjustable strap for carrying the bag, which is made of leather and is available to purchase for $200, $300, or $400.

The lightweight backpack has an open front, and is made out of fabric with mesh panels on the sides, and elastic straps for attaching the backpack to the belt or the hipbelt.

Both the Slim and Lightweight bags are available in a selection of colors, with the lightest option being the blue and white.

Gucci’s first Crossbody bags are set to launch in September, and the Crossbody backpack is set to debut in February 2018.

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