Why did Kurt Geiger bag his backpack

Posted November 14, 2018 11:08:00A man has a new favourite backpack: the Kurt Geigiger backpack.

The backpack is a personalised kurt geigiger, designed by the Australian-born designer for his family.

It has an air of nostalgia and a bit of whimsy, the kind that can make your eyes glaze over.

“I think it’s great because it’s so easy to find,” Mr Geiger said.

“If I want to go somewhere I just open up the backpack and you can see what you need.”

He’s also used it to transport his dog, who is currently on a leash and not fully fenced in, and his cat, who was taken to a vet recently.

Mr Geiger’s personalised backpack was designed by him and his family for his children, aged four to 10, and a young family friend, aged seven.

“It’s quite unusual, but I guess you’re always going to find something unique in the backpack,” he said.

Mr Geoiger said his daughter had been looking for a personal backpack since she was little.

“We went to the vet and they said it was probably a good idea because I had my dog that’s very protective and they had to take her out.”

She just had a bit too much to do at the moment.

“Mr Geigid said he was inspired by his father, who loved travelling with his backpack in his pocket, and who used to take his wife on adventures with him.”

He’d go on a road trip and he’d be carrying his backpack,” Mr Geoiger told news.com, “so it was always something special.

“Kurt Geiger Bag designs for kidsA friend of his, who had recently given birth to a baby boy, said it made him happy to have something for his son to keep in his backpack.”

You can always bring a little something for him to carry,” Mr Kebrias said.

He said he could never imagine having something like a backpack for his daughter, who lives in Melbourne, but he wanted to give his son something that would make him feel special.”

When I see my kids, they always have a little backpack in their hands, and I think I have something like that,” he told news,com.aus.

The Kurt Geidgers said the bag had been a big part of their lives for years.”

My dad would bring it with him wherever he went and it’s always been with him, always in his bag,” Mr Vebrios said.

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