How the NFL’s new $1 billion money bag will change the game

The NFL is spending $1.1 billion to bring the world’s top players and coaches to its stadiums for games beginning in 2019, the league announced Wednesday.

The $1,200 bag is the first of many big-ticket items the league plans to add to the games.

The league plans on opening 20 new stadiums in the first three years of the deal, and it plans to open five more stadiums in 2020.

The bag is meant to be a way for players and teams to bring their best to the field, but it also has the added benefit of helping to improve the game by helping to reduce injuries and keep the game safer.

It will also be used to pay for the expansion of the stadium in 2020, the $200 million of which will be paid to the teams.

The deal includes $600 million to add the stadium, and $600,000 to renovate it.

There is no money in the contract for the 2020 season.

It is unclear how many teams will use the money bag.

It also is unclear when the money bags will be available, but the league said in a statement Wednesday that the money will be “available for immediate use in all 2017 regular-season and postseason games.”

The bag will cost $3,000.

The NFL said it will use a portion of the bag to help the league pay for new equipment, stadiums, and training facilities.

The bags will not be sold or sold at the game.

The new money bag is a key part of the new NFL stadium project, which the league is set to begin construction on in 2019.

The stadium, which will have a capacity of 35,000 seats, will replace the NFL indoor stadium in Atlanta and is scheduled to open in 2021.

It’s expected to be completed in 2021 and be the biggest stadium in the league, topping $1 trillion in total construction cost.

The agreement also includes $300 million in new equipment for the stadium.

The money bag could be the most expensive piece of equipment in the NFL.

The New York Giants’ $3.2 billion stadium was built to be one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in sports.

The facility was one of several stadiums built by the Giants during the 1990s.

The Giants won three Super Bowls in Atlanta during that period, including Super Bowl XXXVI in 1995, which was the first championship game in the city since the Braves left in 1997.

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