How the tattoo of a dollar bill tattoo could be the most iconic tattoo in the world

A dollar bill tattoos, if left unchecked, could become the most popular tattoo in history.

A tattoo artist from China’s Shaanxi Province who has been tattooing money for more than five years, said he made a $1,000 dollar dollar dollar tattoo in 2010.

“A dollar bill has a very special meaning for me,” said Wang Jinyu, who has tattooed a number of popular Chinese currencies.

“I feel it is my most precious possession.”

The most popular tattoos in the country include the image of a large Chinese dragon, the $5 bill and the $20 dollar bill.

Wang also has a $5,000 tattoo of the word “shanghai”, an abbreviation for Shanghai.

Wang’s $1 million dollar tattoo of “shanqui” and his $10 million dollar dollar one are both the most expensive in the tattoo industry.

Wang said the money tattoo was meant to represent the size of his heart, which is 6.5 cm.

When the tattoo was finished, Wang received a $2,000 donation from a local government official.

According to Wang, the Chinese government is very interested in the money tattoos, but only a small number of them have received any donations.

In 2015, a $10,000 gift from a Chinese government official was the largest donation to a local tattoo artist in the history of Shaanxiu, a city in China’s western Shaanghai province.

Wang is hoping the donation will help to spread the word about his work.

He said he would like to tattoo a portrait of himself as well as other people.

“I want to make a mural that represents Shaanxia,” he said.

“It would be a good way for people to meet me, learn more about me and feel closer to me.”

Wong said he has also been approached by other tattoo artists and artists from around the world.

There is a huge demand for the $1 and $2 bills in China, he said, and he hopes his artwork will inspire others to try their hand at tattooing a local currency.

“It is a good opportunity for me to be able to make money as well,” he added.

“To have a small tattoo with such a big meaning will help people understand the significance of my art and my work.”

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