What’s next for the internet?

In November, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality, a policy that prohibits ISPs from blocking or slowing down online content.

The FCC’s move has been met with opposition from tech companies, ISPs, and activists who say it will lead to a government-run internet that will favor powerful corporations and big corporations.

Now, a group of internet freedom advocates is trying to put an end to the FCC’s rollback with a new proposal.

The Internet Freedom Alliance (IFA) is a group comprised of internet advocacy groups, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Free Press, and Demand Progress.

Its goal is to create an internet that’s free, fair, and open, without the “net neutrality” rules.

The IAF also hopes to put a moratorium on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to roll back net neutrality protections in 2020.

The proposed moratorium would prevent Pai from repealing net neutrality rules for six years, according to the IAF.

It’s not the first time that the FCC has proposed to repeal the net neutrality order.

Last November, FCC Chairman Pai told a group in Washington D.C. that he would like to “decimate” net neutrality.

“If the American people don’t get to vote on it, it will be killed,” Pai said.

Pai’s comments came days after the FCC voted to ban Internet providers from blocking, throttling, and charging more for internet traffic.

“I am deeply disappointed that Chairman Pai and his fellow commissioners will attempt to repeal these protections in favor of a new regime of paid prioritization that will undermine the open internet,” said IAF President and CEO Noah Bookbinder in a statement.

“The Internet is a global commons, and if our government tries to control it, we must not hesitate to block the companies that want to impose their will.”

The IFA says Pai’s proposal will “undermine net neutrality.”

It also says that Pai’s FCC proposal will force internet service providers to prioritize internet traffic over the content they deliver.

The ISPs’ proposal would “impose a heavy regulatory burden on the Internet ecosystem, while stifling innovation, lowering costs, and ultimately hurting consumers,” the IFA said in a release.

“Pai’s proposal would also threaten the internet’s fundamental principles of freedom of expression, free speech, and free speech rights.”

The FCC has not responded to a request for comment.


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