When Apple unveils its ‘nail polish’ bean bag, it’ll be a nail-polish accessory

Apple is about to unveil a new accessory for its Apple Watch that it says will make its wrist feel like “a real-world bean bag.”

The accessory, which Apple describes as a “nail-polishing accessory,” is a small plastic bag that Apple says will allow users to polish their Apple Watch with just a fingertip.

It is available to pre-order now for $29.99.

While the accessory will only come in two colors, Apple says that it’s a “universal accessory that can be worn anywhere.”

The company has not said when or how it will introduce the accessory.

In addition to the Bean Bag, Apple also says that the new Apple Watch “features a completely redesigned user interface.”

It also says the device will include a new “motor” to speed up the watch’s “gesture sensing.”

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