When your kid punches bag, you should punch bag in return

In this July 6, 2018, photo, kids are shown on a playground at a park in Chicago, Ill.

The kids in the picture are punched in the face by their father after their mother and stepfather got into a fight.

The dad and stepson are in a dispute over a bag the children are holding for their own.

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)Children and adults often punch bag when they are not in control of the situation.

“They get a kick out of it,” said Daniel Ponce, a professor at the University of Houston and a leading expert on the role of kids and families in violence.

“It’s the first step of trying to learn to be a more effective participant in a conflict.

It’s a very subtle way to try to improve your ability to fight.”

It’s not just physical violence that kids will punch bag, Ponce said.

They will punch bags because they think they will be punished for doing something wrong.

It also stems from a sense of self-worth and belonging, he said.

When kids feel like they can’t do something, they feel they have to get in a fight to prove themselves.

Children and their families also punch bag because they believe that it’s their right to do so.

As adults, it’s not uncommon for them to punch bag.

Ponce pointed to the case of a woman who punched a man in the stomach when he pulled a gun on her.

A woman is shown punching a man on July 3, 2018 in New York.

But for kids, punching bags are a way to escape the pain they feel when they get hurt.

Ponce said kids who punch bags don’t realize that it could be their own responsibility to fight back.

They feel that they can punch bag and that it won’t matter if they get hit or hit hard, he explained.

It may seem like the only way they can avoid physical violence, he added.

Ponce thinks that punches that are punched with a child in them may cause more harm than good.

If kids are punched by their own parents, they may retaliate with their own punches, he wrote in an email.

That may hurt the parent, who could end up hurt more.

In a study of 1,100 children who had been punched by a parent, they found that children who were hit more often were more likely to get hit by their parents, said Ponce.

This is the reason that parents should not punch children who are punching bags, he argued.

Pregnant women and children who have been sexually assaulted also punch bags, and they can do so in order to escape.

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