The ‘duffle bag’ that inspired the Dukes of Hazard is back, but with a twist

The Duchess of Cambridge has a new and improved bag she can take everywhere she goes with her.

In a series of photos posted to Twitter on Tuesday, the Duchess showed off her new Dukes bag in the style of a royal nursery rhyme: the ‘duffel bag’.

A photo tweeted by her sister shows her with her new bag and captioned “it looks like a little royal nursery”.

The Duchess has been spotted in a number of other Dukes outfits, including the new Duchess of Sussex dress and a grey Dukes T-shirt.

But on the night before she attended the opening of the Daughters’ Museum, she had a bit of a surprise for the public.

The Duchess was pictured wearing a dress, with the word ‘bagged’ on the front.

And the Duchess’ Twitter account posted a photo showing her in a grey, dufflebag style dress.

The Dukes Museum has been open to the public since September this year.

Duke of Hazard – a nickname given to the Duchess of York – was a nickname bestowed upon the Duchess in 1791.

In 1804, the Duke of York wore the duffle for a wedding to his second wife, the Queen.

The Duke of Lancaster and Duchess of Cornwall were the first royal couple to wear the duffel in public.

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