Crown royal bags arrive in UK after royal visits to Scotland and Scotland’s first ‘mini royal’

The first ‘minimal’ royal bag to be flown to the UK has arrived in Edinburgh, the first of a series of royal visits planned in the run-up to the coronavirus pandemic.

The royal pair will be accompanied by members of the Royal Household and other members of their entourage on the tour of Scotland’s historic Castle Square and the Scottish National Museum.

The Royal Household is the most senior of the British monarchs.

The Queen, who is expected to return to the capital on Saturday, will also visit the Royal Edinburgh Golf Club.

The new Royal Bag, a six-litre, three-poster bag, will have a capacity of four to six people and will include a seatbelt.

“The bag will be able to carry up to two people and can also hold two different sized bags, or two small one-person bags,” a Buckingham Palace spokesman said.

The bag is designed to hold personal items such as personal belongings, a watch, a purse, jewellery, a laptop and a mobile phone, the spokesman added.

“There will also be a small pocket for keys and coins,” he said.

“This is a perfect bag for a family of four.”

The Royal Royal Bag is made of high quality 100% recycled materials and the UK’s first mini royal royal bag is expected be delivered by the end of the month.

The Crown Prince and Princess of Wales, Prince Harry, who will be on the first visit, is expected in Edinburgh to visit the city’s historic Royal Inn and the Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal Scottish Hospital and the St James’ Park Hotel.

The Scottish National Park, one of the UKs most popular tourist destinations, is also expected to see its population increase as the pandemic begins to fade.

The coronavivirus outbreak has seen an increase in the number of people in hospitals, particularly in England, Scotland and Wales.

A report from the Royal Colleges of Surgeon and Medical Medicine last month found that 1.6 million people have been infected in England and Scotland since October.

The report also said that in Scotland more than 6,300 people have died of the virus, compared with 1,200 in the UK overall.

The number of coronaviruses has also risen in England since the start of the pandemics, and Scotland, which is home to about 1.5 million people, has the highest number of new cases of the disease.

The pandemic has also affected the number and location of funerals, with many of the deaths of coronivirus-related deaths in Scotland occurring in rural communities, where people are more likely to have limited contact with medical personnel and less contact with health care workers.

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