Gucci Crossbody Bag: $1,900

With the release of its Crossbody bag in September, Gucci is the latest fashion brand to jump into the fitness space.

The crossbody, a two-in-one bag that holds a pair of running shoes, is available in two styles: a casual casual and a classic.

The casual style features a classic crossbody with a padded shoulder strap and is available with the standard or wide version.

It is made of synthetic fabric and features an adjustable strap, two zippered pockets and a waist strap.

The classic crossbag, on the other hand, features a wide-style crossbody made from polyester with a soft mesh lining.

It features a mesh lining and a wide shoulder strap.

In the classic version, the backpack features a padded strap, mesh lining, a shoulder strap, zippers and a belt loop.

For those looking for a more classic, high-end look, there is also a classic Crossbody backpack available in the standard and wide versions.

The Crossbody’s lightweight design makes it ideal for everyday carry and is ideal for working out in the gym or doing pushups or squats.

“The crossbody is perfect for our people, whether it’s the office or the gym,” said Gucci’s senior vice president for creative design, Sam Ondin.

“We like to make sure we create the perfect product that we feel is relevant for the user.

So for example, if the user is looking for an ultralight, lightweight backpack, then they should go for the Crossbody.”

The Crossbags, which cost $1.50 at Gucci, can be ordered through the company’s website.

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