When your diaper bag goes on sale, you’re not buying anything new, says the diaper industry

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What do we need to know about Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 10.1?

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Now The Verge is here to help!

Now Playing The Verge on the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, and more Now Playing Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 Plus features a glass back, a super-thin bezel, and a fingerprint sensor Now Playing Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon announce ‘smart home’ apps Now Playing ‘Google, Facebook and Amazon are all rolling out a new app for you to do your laundry Now Playing What to do if your smartphone loses power while on the move Now Playing Here’s what you need to watch out for when you buy a new smartphone Now Playing Watch what happens when you try to use your new Apple Watch and your new Samsung Gear S3 Now Playing Apple’s first smartwatch app, ‘Dry Clean,’ turns your phone into a vacuum cleaner Now Playing New app lets you vacuum up your laundry using your phone Now Playing A few things to know before purchasing an iPhone 8 Now Playing How to tell if your new smartphone has a cracked screen, cracked battery, or a cracked speaker Now Playing Why a new smartwatch might be better than a Samsung Gear smartwatch Now Playing This is the new home screen of the iPhone X Now Playing Sony and Microsoft are introducing a new camera app Now Playing If you’ve been waiting for a new Android Wear device, the LG Watch Urbane is here Now Play What do you need for the perfect holiday shopping trip?

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Now Here’s your guide to the best smartphone case designs and brands Now Playing You can buy your first pair of sneakers from Google Now Playing Your new Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 is a super smartwatch for those who want something with the latest technology Now Playing WATCH: Amazon’s Alexa device has a built-in speaker Now Play WATCH: This is what happens if your phone breaks during a crash Now Playing Amazon is giving you a free two-week trial of its Alexa device Now Playing Disney’s The Jungle Book is coming to Amazon Prime Now Playing Where to watch movies in the U.S. Now Playing Tesla, Apple and Google are releasing a new video app for the iPhone Now Playing Nike is launching an app that will give you instant access to all of your workout videos Now Playing Do you want a Samsung Galaxy phone?

Now playing Nike, Adidas, and Nike are launching new video apps for the Apple Watch Now Playing Adidas has released a new shoe app Now Play Adidas has announced it will be releasing a shoe app on the Apple watch Now Playing Uber is expanding its UberX service to more cities Now Playing Snapchat is coming for iOS and Android Now Playing We’ve learned a little more about Apple Pay Now Playing Microsoft and Amazon announced the launch of a new credit card payment service Now Playing Lyft is now available in San Francisco and New York City Now Playing There’s no word on the launch date for the new Tesla Model X Now Play Microsoft and Tesla announce an exclusive partnership to create a new generation of electric vehicles Now Playing Tech Insider is now live from Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, to discuss the new Surface Pro and Xbox One Now Playing Airbnb hosts and developers are selling their own version of Airbnb Now Playing Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about the company’s future with Intel and the Xbox Now Playing Twitter announces the new Twitter account, @Microsoft, to promote its Surface Pro line of products Now Playing Facebook, Google, and Apple are rolling out their own video apps Now Play Here’s the full list of all the new apps for Apple Watch, Xbox One, and Surface Pro Now Playing Xiaomi’s Mi Band smartwatch has a 5-inch display Now Playing Nintendo is launching a new game for kids on the Nintendo Switch Now Playing Nokia is giving away a pair of Apple Watch Sport headphones Now Playing Motorola is selling a pair for $99 Now Playing Lenovo is launching its own smartphone and tablet app Now View full list Now Playing Verizon is making its first smartphone that has an infrared camera Now Playing HTC is launching the OnePlus 5, an affordable smartphone that doesn’t look like it’ll last long Now Playing T-Mobile and Sprint are now offering smartphones with Wi-Fi Calling capabilities Now View all the apps that

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