Prada bag, prada bags: What to know about the new $1,500 Prada collection

Prada has just launched a new $500 bag for men, with a new logo and new color palette.

The new Prada bags come with a stylish, new, retro design and the latest features, such as a removable zipper and a leather strap.

They’re available now in-store at Macy’s, Kohl’s and Target stores, and online at

The Prada Prada Bags come with an additional zipper, which makes it easier to keep your wallet in place when not in use.

The bags also have a leather lining that makes it easy to attach and take off.

“With this new Pradawood collection, we’ve made sure to give you all the best in bag design and styling for all your everyday needs,” Prada’s CEO Philippe Van Damme said in a statement.

“This collection offers you a modern twist on the classic Prada look, with all of our signature styling and styling details.”

There are two bags available now, the Prada Pajamas and the Pradas Prada, which are made of anodized aluminum and are available in white, silver, black and brown.

Both the Pradas and the Pajama bags feature a new design and a new color.

Prada is also introducing a new Pradas-inspired bag for women, the new Pradan Pajas, which feature a sleek black and white color palette and a slimline profile.

The Pajadas are available now for $3,299.

They also have the Pradan Pradans, which come in white and silver.

They are available at Macy, Kohls, Target, Staples and Target Express locations.

The first bag is a new “P” design, which has a slim and modern design that comes in both black and silver, which is similar to the Pradyas Pradan bags.

The second bag is called the Pradel Bags, which look like Prada Bag #1, but feature a much more refined design.

It’s available for $2,199, with the option of having it come in black or silver.

The bag’s new design also includes a pocket in the middle, as well as a leather flap and leather lining.

The pockets are large enough to fit a credit card.

The “Bag” series comes with a few options, including a Prada Pantone color scheme, a Pradar, a Pajar and a Pradan.

It comes with three sizes, a 1X1, 1X2 and 1X3.

The Pantone colors are available for a limited time, but are not available online.

The last option is the Pradians Pradanas, which includes two sizes, 2X1 and 2X2.

The pants, which carry a black and gold Pradakans name, come in a variety of colors and are priced at $1.99, $2.99 and $4.99.

The price difference between these two styles is not visible, but it does include a strap that fits around your waist and can be attached with a strap buckle.

You can also have your bag custom-made to match your style and size.

You will need to make your own style and color scheme.

Both options are available online for $250.

The black and red Pradallas Pantones are available as a two-piece bag for $499, the white Pradajas Pantones come in three pieces for $699 and the silver Pantones for $999.

The pantone color, the style and the size will vary depending on the size and color of the bag you choose.

For more information on Prada products, visit

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