Why Google’s Google Home is a ‘good idea’

Google’s Home is not a smart speaker, but it can help you manage your personal data.

That’s why it’s getting a major overhaul.

That, plus an array of new features that include voice commands and other new capabilities, is the story of Google’s latest big change to the hardware it sells, but a big one for Home users, too.

Here’s what you need to know about Google Home, the Google smart speaker Google announced on Thursday.

We’ll start with some basic info about the new hardware.

The company is selling the Google Home as a “personal assistant.”

That means you can control it with voice commands or other ways, such as the Google app.

(And, in theory, you could ask it to help you set up your Nest thermostat and other home systems.)

Google Home comes with three microphones, three speakers, a USB Type-C port, and three cameras.

The first is a 10-megapixel camera that’s designed to capture high-definition videos.

The second is a 12-megapixels camera that takes still photos.

The third is a 6-megaphone, which can record voice commands.

The first model has a microphone that Google says “allows you to voice command it to do things,” and that “helps you set reminders, play music, and adjust the volume.”

The second model has an even better microphone and more powerful microphones.

The three cameras are on the same card as the speaker.

Google Home also comes with Google Assistant, a new AI assistant built into the Home itself that can perform tasks such as “listen to a message,” “send a photo,” “open a folder,” “control your music player,” and “navigate your calendar.”

Google says this assistant is designed to help Home users “keep track of their time and reminders and make decisions about what to do.”

Google also says this Assistant can “immediately recognize your voice and answer your questions,” so it will remember “your commands, even when you’re away from Home.”

Here’s how the new speaker looks.

The microphone is in the bottom.

The speakers are on either side of the speaker, facing away from the front of the device.

(You can also use them to talk to Google Home on a speakerphone.)

The top is a USB-C Type-A port.

You can plug in a USB 3.0 Type-B if you want.

The front of Google Home looks a little different.

It’s a lot thinner and thinner than before.

The bottom is now a bigger volume knob, too, which I assume helps make the Home more usable for the majority of people.

The Home can also “wake up” or “wake from sleep,” which is pretty cool.

The back of the Home is also a little thicker.

It also includes a headphone jack, as well as a microSD card slot.

Here, Google says the company will make “significant improvements” to the Home’s audio capabilities.

Google also adds that it will “develop a system that is more secure, robust, and secure.”

That sounds a little vague, but Google says it will make sure it’s “completely secure” and will take “the necessary actions to ensure that our users are not being targeted by malicious software or third parties.”

I’d call this new “security,” but it’s hard to say whether Google has a plan to protect Home users from third parties, and whether it’ll actually do anything about that.

I don’t think Google has the money to do all of this security.

I’d be surprised if it does.

I’d like to believe that Home will be secure enough that I can use it as a home assistant for my children and other people who use Google’s Nest products.

The new hardware will be great for that.

Google Home comes in a bunch of colors.

You could pick the black model, which has a 3.5mm jack, an infrared microphone, and a microphone jack, and the white model has the same speakers, an IR sensor, and an infrared camera.

The white model will cost you $129.

(This review is based on a black model.)

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