What to wear to the Oscars

The most expensive item in a purse?

It’s actually a bag, and the only one that doesn’t require any sort of external storage.

The ipsy Glam Bag is designed to look like your favorite purse from your favorite magazines, while still being packed in the most practical way possible.

The bag itself has a unique design, as it features a removable back panel, with mesh pockets and an external storage pouch.

Inside the purse is a removable strap for storing your accessories and a mesh pocket to store your wallet.

The Glambag comes with a leather duffle pouch and a zippered pocket to hold your wallet, a wallet case, or your phone.

If you’re not a fan of carrying your wallet in a dufflet, the padded pouch is also removable and can be folded down.

If the duffels look like they’re designed for a big group, you can even put your phone in a pocket.

The $150 ipsy backpack features a padded backpack, a zipper pocket, and a padded shoulder bag.

The backpack is designed for up to seven people, so you can have it strapped to the back of your backpack or backpack stand, or attach it to a backpack.

The zippering pocket is also useful if you’re trying to keep all your things in a bag.

Weighing just over three pounds, the backpack is one of the lighter items on the list.

You’ll find it in a variety of styles and colors.

You can get the ipsy bag in two colors: navy and blue.

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